Culinary Lavender Uses Recipes

Lavender Coffee Cookies

March 11, 2022
coffee cookies

Oh how I love chocolate, add coffee to the mix and you have the perfect sweet treat!! These cookies are so easy to make and absolutely delicious with their hint of refreshing lavender.

Wow your guests with the elegant touch of lavender and introduce them to a whole new flavor experience!

To make your own lavender sugar: combine 2 cups sugar and 2 tablespoon lavender buds in Food Processor on mince setting until lavender is finely ground throughout the sugar. Or purchase some here.

Be sure the lavender buds you are using have not been sprayed with pesticides, use only culinary grade lavender.

coffee cookies
coffee cookies
Growing lavender

When to Uncover Lavender Plants

March 28, 2021

As we head into spring in the Northeast US, a lot of people ask when the best time to uncover lavender is. At Moore Manor Lavender, we use a lightweight fabric called “Agribon” which helps protect the plants from freezing rain, snow pack, and temperature shifts that we experience in Maine.

The row cover adds a few degrees warmth, and lavender being a heat loving plant will thrive. Even in April we can have snow and cold. In May 2020, we had a snowstorm after we had uncovered and all was well! So basically, if you use a similar material to cover your lavender, you could keep it on up to the end of April.

That being said, where we are, the spring winds blow pretty hard at times and the receding frost pushes the metal pins up. That’s usually the time that we uncover because we don’t want the cover to blow across to the neighbors!

Row cover will block some of the sun from hitting the plants but the protection it gives outweighs the missing sunlight at least until the weather settles some.

So the short answer is , if you’re in an area that’s protected and you want to keep the cover on into April, the plants won’t be harmed and may benefit from the added warmth.


Peggy’s Lavender and Honey Coffee Cake

September 19, 2017

This lavender and honey coffee cake is pure comfort food!!

The lavender is subtle and complements the honey and cinnamon in this recipe….so delicious!!

I put the one teaspoon of lavender buds (be sure to use organic) on a cutting board and finely chop.

Have fun baking and I hope you love this coffee cake as much as I do! – Peggy

Arthritis Exercise Yoga

Arthritis Relief

March 31, 2017

Arthritis is inflammation and stiffness in joints which causes aches and pains. Osteoarthritis runs in my (Peggy) family and I have it in my back and hips. Here are a few tips on how to live with arthritis…

Pain Management – research the many options available for pain medications, a great resource is www.arthritis.org. Educate yourself then discuss the options with your doctor. Learn body mechanics and avoid doing the things that cause you pain. Years ago I went to an amazing physical therapist who helped me identify my problem areas, teaching me how to move in a way that won’t hurt my joints and it has made a huge difference in my pain level.

I also make use of heated lavender flax seed pillows to help ease my aches and pains. Some people prefer them frozen and used as a soft, flexible cold pack but I love heat so I place mine in the microwave for a few seconds and the heat and soothing lavender fragrance are so comforting and therapeutic! Research has shown that smelling soothing scents like lavender increases the feel-good hormone dopamine in the brain and will actually decrease pain…what’s not to love about that!

Exercise – has been proven to slow the progression of arthritis and improve mobility. Check with your doctor before starting an exercise or yoga routine to be sure the exercises won’t harm your joints.

Walking is my favorite form of exercise and it has truly helped me to stay limber and my back, hips, and legs stronger. I wish tossing and turning in bed at night was considered exercise but I don’t think it is!!

I also try to incorporate arm and leg stretches into my day so my joints and muscles don’t stiffen up. I have tried walking on a treadmill but that seemed to increase my hip pain, you really need to test an exercise and see if it’s helpful or harmful. I feel best when I walk every day, I keep track of my steps on my iphone with the free app “Pacer” and I log my steps on an app called “Simplenote”….I also use this app to keep all my lists and notes, I use it all the time and love it! My daily goal is 10,000 steps which I actually do meet once in awhile but realistically I probably average about 7,000 steps a day. As with most people, time is the biggest factor keeping me from reaching my goal…but I will keep trying!

Diet – Certain foods have anti-inflammatory properties that can help alleviate arthritis pain. Here are just a few: broccoli, cauliflower, olive oil, fish, nuts, mushrooms, popcorn, chocolate, cayenne, garlic, cinnamon, ginger. There are many helpful sites on google pertaining to arthritis and the foods that are beneficial….oh, and I’m so happy chocolate is on that list!

To learn more about living with arthritis check out the many informative websites out there as you continue to live life with this chronic joint disease and as you learn to live in your new normal and enjoy each day for the many possibilities it holds. One of my favorite quotes…”Life isn’t perfect but it has perfect moments”!


DIY Lavender Sugar

January 11, 2017

I absolutely love Lavender Sugar!

You can substitute the sugar in any recipe with the lavender sugar and savor a whole new flavor experience! It’s my favorite way to enjoy lavender in cooking or baking!

It’s so simple to make….

Combine 2 cups sugar and 1 tablespoon lavender buds in Food Processor on mince setting until lavender is finely ground throughout the sugar. I have actually started increasing the amount of lavender buds I use….I combine 2 cups sugar and 2 tablespoons of buds. Have fun trying it both ways and see what you prefer!

Be sure the lavender buds you are using have not been sprayed with pesticides, use only culinary grade lavender.

Lavender Sugar is amazing in desserts, quick breads, muffins, scones, dressings, marinades and meat rubs.

Experiment and enjoy! Try my favorite Chocolate Lavender Cookies!



Drying lavender Growing lavender

Drying Lavender

January 10, 2017

Whether you want to decorate with lavender, use it in cooking, crafts or body products drying is an easy way to preserve this beautiful herb/flower.

We bundle about 50 stems of fresh lavender with an elastic band and hang upside down in a dry dark space. The elastic band allows for shrinkage as the lavender dries. It takes about 3 weeks to dry. If you are taking the buds off the stems we suggest waiting longer as the buds will fall off the stems more easily the drier they are.

To remove the buds from the stems we take a bundle (50 stems) and rub it between our gloved hands and the buds easily drop off. For culinary use we sift the lavender buds through a screen to separate the buds from the small pieces of stems and leaves. Learn more about cooking with lavender here.

To decorate with dried lavender remove the elastic bands from a few bundles, pull apart stems, place in vase and enjoy the gorgeous bouquet!



Culinary Recipes

Chocolate Cookies w/Lavender Sugar

November 4, 2016

As you already know…my favorite way to enjoy culinary lavender is by using Lavender Sugar!

Here is how I make it: Combine 2 cups sugar and 2 tablespoon lavender buds in Food Processor on mince setting until lavender is finely ground throughout the sugar.

NOTE :  If you don’t want to make Lavender Sugar for this recipe….you can use plain white sugar and 1 t. lavender buds (chop finely on cutting board with knife).

My recipe for Chocolate Lavender Cookies:

½ cup oil

¾ cup lavender sugar

¼ cup brown sugar

2 eggs

1 t. vanilla

⅓ cup cocoa

1 1/2 cups flour

1 t. salt

1 t. baking soda

1 1/2 cup chocolate chips


Combine all ingredients. Drop by teaspoon onto cookie sheet. Sprinkle tops with lavender sugar.

Bake at 375 degrees for about 10-12 minutes. ENJOY!!!


Culinary Recipes

Lemon Lavender Tea Cookies

November 4, 2016

My favorite way to enjoy lavender in cooking is to replace the sugar in a recipe with Lavender Sugar. It’s so easy to DIY!

Here’s how I make it: Combine 2 cups sugar and one tablespoon lavender buds in a Food Processor on mince setting until lavender is finely ground throughout the sugar.

Add this delicately floral sugar to any dessert, muffins, scones, tea, dressings and marinades or sprinkle on any baked good for a fresh and elegant treat.

NOTE :  If you don’t want to make Lavender Sugar for this recipe….you can use plain white sugar and 1 t. lavender buds (finely chop on cutting board with knife).

Try my Lemon Lavender Tea Cookies

½ cup oil

¾ cup lavender sugar

1 egg

1 T. lemon extract

1 1/2 cups flour

½ t. salt

1/2 t. baking soda

Combine all ingredients. Mix well. Roll into 1 1/2 inch balls and flatten just a little bit with spoon. Place on cookie sheet then sprinkle with lavender sugar.

Bake at 375 degrees for about 12 minutes. ENJOY!!!


Lavender Uses

Lavender Use #9 – Landscaping

April 5, 2016

IMG_2621Majestic purple in your flower garden….what’s not to love about that! Lavender is low-maintenance and a gorgeous addition to any garden or flower bed. It can also be used as a hedge, ground cover or border.

Add lavender to your herb garden and use it in cooking along with your other savory herbs!

Lavender likes full sun and well-drained soil….it does not like to have it’s roots wet!

Learn more about how to plant here.

Plant lavender and enjoy it’s beauty and fragrance fresh or dried all year long!

Culinary Lavender Uses

Lavender Use #8 – Culinary

March 25, 2016

Try it….put some lavender in your scones or sprinkle on cupcakes and enjoy a new flavor experience!IMG_0837

Lavender is a member of the mint family and has a sweet, floral flavor with touches of citrus. English lavenders (Hidcote and Munstead) are the sweetest varieties of lavender and the ones chosen for cooking.

Use a light touch when including lavender in cooking…a little bit goes a long way….too much and you will be left with a bitter dish. And be sure to use pesticide-free culinary lavender.

The essence of lavender gets stronger as it dries. When cooking with lavender, use 1/3 the quantity of dried lavender flowers to fresh flowers. So, if a recipe calls for 3 teaspoons fresh lavender, try substituting 1 teaspoon dried.

Lavender’s sweet flavor goes really well with chocolate, berries, pears, lemon, orange, sage, rosemary, thyme, honey, jellies, and meats.

img_6361It’s delicious added to scones, quick breads, desserts, meat rubs, honey, salad dressings, stews, ice cream, and drinks. Try our “Gourmet Lemon Lavender Muffins”, get the recipe here.

My favorite way to use lavender in cooking or baking is to use lavender sugar.

My Lavender Sugar Recipe:

I add 1 Tablespoon dried lavender to 2 cups sugar and blend using a food processor until the lavender is fine. Place in covered jar. When a recipe calls for sugar, I substitute it with my lavender sugar! It can also be added to tea or sprinkled on muffins or cookies.

Here is my latest yummy recipe for “Chocolate Lavender Cookies”……These are delicious!!!

Combine all ingredients. Drop by teaspoon onto cookie sheets. Sprinkle tops with lavender sugar. Bake at 375 degrees for about 12 min. ENJOY!!IMG_3806IMG_3800




Lavender Uses

Lavender Use #7 – Crafts

March 15, 2016

Love DIY projects? Lavender with its gorgeous color and sweet fragrance is an awesome flower to work with…there are so many things you can make with lavender.

Do you enjoy making candles? Add lavender essential oil and a few lavender buds to your wax and create a beautiful and fragrant candle to burn or give as a gift.

IMG_8477 Bath and beauty products….add lavender to your DIY recipe for sugar scrub, body butter, lip balm, soap, body mist, and soap.

Make a wreath with lavender….so elegant!

DIY lavender flax seed pillows for heating or freezing….are soothing and therapeutic.

Potted dried lavender….here is a pic of some of mine!IMG_0967 (2)

Get creative and have fun!




Lavender Uses

Lavender Use #6 – Weddings & Parties

March 15, 2016
lavender bridal bouquet

Lavender in bouquets….stunning!! Whether its a wedding, anniversary, birthday, graduation or work party – lavender’s purple hue adds elegant, festive color! lavender bridal bouquet

Here are some uses for lavender at your special occasion:

Vases – decorate your tables with vases of lavender alone or combined with other complimenting flowers. Fresh or dried lavender can be used for the bouquets. To bring out the lovely fragrance of dried lavender drop with lavender essential oil.

Cake –  lavender placed on a cake is gorgeous!

Lavender BoutonniereWedding bouquets and boutonnieres – absolutely beautiful! Get the answers to questions regarding fresh lavender for bouquets and the amount of stems needed here.

Wedding Send-Off – throw lavender buds….this is becoming more popular as a non-traditional send-off and the fragrance is lovely too!

Party Favors – lavender filled sachets or lavender products make a wonderful gift for the special people in your life!

Lavender Uses

Lavender Use #5 – Decorating

March 9, 2016

IMG_0967 (2)I ADORE DRIED FLOWERS!!! I have always loved decorating with dried flowers and lavender is one of my favorites! My husband Doug likes to tease me about my “dead weeds” all over the house because I collect dried flowers wherever we go! Do you have a large vase that you can fill with dried or fresh lavender and place on a table to create a touch of elegance? In the summer, I add fresh lavender to a vase of assorted flowers and it makes all of the colors look rich!IMG_0491

There are so many ways you can use lavender to add beauty, fragrance and an elegant touch to your decor! Be creative and have fun!

Drop lavender essential oil on dried lavender to add the gorgeous fragrance that is missing once the lavender is dried.IMG_3790

IMG_0248Lavender is even beautiful as it hangs to dry!IMG_7916

Lavender Uses

Lavender Use #4 – Bug & Moth Repellent

March 9, 2016

IMG_1769I was so excited when I learned that moths hate lavender!! I have packed our wool coats in horrible smelling moth balls for years….but now I use lovely lavender!

I make sachets and fill them with lavender and place them in a container with our wool…..ahhhh….the IMG_4076wonderfully sweet fragrance of lavender now greets me when I open the container in the fall!!

If you keep your wool in a closet or drawers you can place sachets in and around your clothes or in the pockets.

Simply squeeze the sachets once in awhile to activate and refresh the scent.

Bug Spray…..have you heard?? Use a lavender mist or add lavender essential oil to a carrier oil (see how here) to keep away pesky bugs!!

IMG_3310I love the idea of a natural bug repellent that smells awesome…now that’s an amazing use for lavender!!

Lavender Uses

Lavender Use #3 – Linen & Household Freshener

March 9, 2016

IMG_2627Do you love the fragrance of lavender? Here is #3 on my list of lavender uses and it’s one I savor! You can spruce up your whole house with the following ideas….


Lavender Mist lightly sprayed on linens, pillows, rugs or the air takes me away to a beautiful garden filled with stunning lavender where the warm air is filled with the elegant scent of sweet lavender! What’s not to love about that! My recipe for lavender mist is at the end of this page!

-Adding a few drops of lavender essential oil to baking soda can be used as a carpet cleaner by sprinkling on carpet before vacuuming and the whole room smells fresh!

-Mix a few drops of lavender oil in baking soda and place in jar with cover that has holes in it and place in area where you want a delightful fragrance….shake the jar often to release fresh scent.

-Place drops of lavender oil on dried flowers or potpourri to revitalize the scent.

-Add lavender oil to any of your DIY cleaning products.

-Place a lavender filled sachet anywhere…drawers, closet, gym bag, near shoes, cupboards, diaper bags or your car and remember to give it a squeeze once in awhile to release the incredible aroma!


Want to make your own lavender mist? Here is my recipe….

Combine 1 ½  cups of distilled water, ¼ t. lavender essential oil, and 1 T. witch hazel (will help the oil disperse evenly). Whisk before pouring in spray bottle.


Lavender Uses

Lavender Use #2 – Beauty & Body Products

March 8, 2016



IMG_3411Oh what fun it is to pamper ourselves with lavender products that make our skin feel silky smooth! Of all the lavender uses out there I think this is my favorite!

Here are just a few products to indulge in: lavender sugar scrub (exfoliates and conditions skin), lavender bodybutter (intense moisture therapy to replenish and enrich skin), lavender lip balm (moisturize and protect lips), lavender body mist (delightfully fragrant scent), lavender body soap(for healthy glowing skin).


You can purchase these products or make them yourself!

Lavender precautions are listed here.

IMG_3281Here is my recipe for natural “Lemon Lavender Sugar Scrub” –

1 cup sugar, 1 T. lavender buds, ¼ cup coconut oil (melted), ¼ t. lavender essential oil, 3 T. olive oil, ¼ t. lemon essential oil, ⅛ t. vitamin E. Combine ingredients and place in jar. Use in shower or bath to leave skin irresistible to the touch and gorgeously fragrant.

Skin therapy at its finest!


Lavender Uses

Lavender Use #1 – Health & Wellness

March 8, 2016
Cut Flowers and Lavender

IMG_9764Lavender is amazing with its gorgeous color and lovely fragrance and to top it off…it has wonderful health benefits!


Historically, lavender has been used for healing, relaxation and as an antiseptic. It has been used for centuries to scent baths, hair and clothes, and for its medicinal properties. The University of Maryland Medical Center says, “Research has confirmed that lavender produces slight calming, soothing, and sedative effects when its scent is inhaled. Lavender essential oil may be beneficial in a variety of conditions, including insomnia, alopecia (hair loss), anxiety, stress, and postoperative pain.”


IMG_3400To help relieve achy joints and muscles, headaches, cramps, sprains, arthritis, anxiety, insect bites, sunburn, and insomnia – add lavender oil to a carrier oil or water (see how here) and rub into sore area. Lavender flax seed pillows are also unbelievably therapeutic, heat in the microwave for about 30 seconds (the flax seed holds the heat for about 45 minutes!) or use frozen as a soft, flexible ice pack to soothe and help relieve aches and promote relaxation.


IMG_3416We’ve had lots of people tell us they spray their pillow with lavender mist or sleep with a lavender sachet under their pillow to help promote a restful night’s sleep.


Lavender uses are many and I would have to say the benefit to our health is on the top of the list! It’s incredible aroma and soothing qualities are refreshing and healing!



Culinary Lavender – cooking with style!

February 18, 2016
culinary lavender


You can use the lavender flower buds in cooking – lavender tea, salad dressings, lavender salt, lavender sugar, the French herb -Herbes de Provence, in lemonade, and in baked goods!

When using lavender in food, go light with it. It should be the last thing that you taste, not the first!

You can also add lavender to sugar and dip the rim a goblet in water, then the sugar for an elegantly flavored, sugar rimmed decoration.

If you’d like to try some natural culinary lavender grown on our farm you can find it here.


Gourmet Lemon Lavender Muffins

November 19, 2015

Try these refreshing Lemon Lavender Muffins to give your traditional muffins a little boost!IMG_0570

Gourmet Lemon Lavender Muffins
1 egg
⅓ c. oil
2 t. lemon extract **
½ c. milk
½ c. sugar
1 ½ c. flour
2 t. baking powder
½ t. salt
1 T. lavender buds

Topping: 3 T. melted butter, ¼ c. sugar

Mix well: egg, oil, lemon extract, milk and sugar. Add dry ingredients and stir just until blended.

Fill greased or lined muffin cups about ¾ full. Makes 10 muffins. Bake at 400 degrees for about 15 minutes.

Topping: When warm from oven – dip each muffin top in butter then sugar.

Variations: **or 3 T. lemon juice.

Quick Bread directions: place batter in greased bread pan and baking at 350 degrees for about 50 minutes. When warm from oven – brush with butter and sprinkle with sugar.


Growing lavender

Growing Lavender in the Northeast

September 27, 2015
lavender field

Growing Lavender inMaine

With a little extra care, you can grow lavender in colder climates.


Growing lavender in Maine can be a challenge, but equipped with the right information and doing some simple planning, one can successfully enjoy this versatile landscaping plant. The growing zones for most of Maine are right on the fringe for lavender.

The ideal growing conditions for lavender are that of a Mediterranean climate. Lavender doesn’t require rich soil – in fact , it does best where the soil is a bit lean and the pH is neutral or even ‘sweet’.

There’s one thing that lavender hates more than the cold – that is having wet, not very well drained soil. If you have a heavier soil, like ours in Central Maine you could improve the conditions by adding some grit to the soil – in the form of sand and/or gravel.

If you have fairly level ground and heavy soil, you can create hills or mounds in order to keep the roots out of wet earth.

Winter protection

Different varieties of lavender vary in their tolerance of cold. The Lavandula angustifolia (English Lavender) is one of the most widely grown lavenders. It includes varieties such as Hidecote and Munstead which are more tolerant of winter cold and temperature fluctuations (generally zones 5-8). It can also be grown for culinary purposes as it’s not as ‘piney’ as the french or spanish lavenders.

Lavandins (Lavandula x intermedia) need warmer temperatures and drier ground (zones 6-8). They can be grown to zone 5, so if you’re planning on growing these, you should plan on a lot of winter protection. They put out lots of showy spikes and are very fragrant, although they lack the ‘sweetness’ of the English varieties. Grosso is a very common French lavender variety.It grows up to 36″ wide.

Spanish lavender (Lavandula stoechas)  is probably not suitable for the Maine climate unless grown in containers and brought inside. Most need a hot, dry environment (zone 8-9) They do, however, have some of the most interesting colors and flower shapes of the lavenders. 

If you plan on growing lavender in Maine, for best results you should cover them once consistent cold occurs. Don’t be in a rush or the mice will make their home along with the protected lavender and ruin a lot of it. Wait until the mice have made their winter burrows elsewhere. Cover with a thick layer of straw, or heavy floating row cover that’s pinned or weighted down. It should be checked periodically to make sure the wind hasn’t uncovered any of it.

Once the weather has warmed, and there’s no threat of a hard freeze the covering can come off. Don’t be distraught if it looks as though the lavender is dead. It takes a bit of warm weather and sunshine for the lavender to start its new growth. By May you should see the your lavender coming to life.

Growing lavender

Munstead or Hidcote Lavender?

September 27, 2015
munstead or Hidcote lavender

When growing lavender you have lots of choices for varieties. Some grow better in cooler climates than others.

Both Munstead and Hidcote lavender (the two are of Lavandula angustifolia – English lavenders) are good candidates for Northern gardens. They’re easy to obtain, and they have been time tested to be hardy to zone 5

munstead or Hidcote lavender

Munstead or Hidcote?

Hidcote lavender has a deeper, violet-blue color for the flowers and the flower head is more compact. The foliage is silver-gray and changes color slightly through the seasons.

Munstead flowers are somewhat ‘looser’ and lighter in color. It’s named for Munstead Woods. Another plus is that it can withstand hot summer temperatures better than other of the English lavenders.

Keep in mind that one of the biggest problems with growing lavender is too much moisture. If your soil is low and wet, try hilling and adding sand and gravel to allow for better drainage. The good news is that they don’t need – or like a rich soil.

Go out and give lavender a try for a border that butterflies and bees love or mixed in with your other flowers.