Are there any precautions, side effects or warnings associated with the use of lavender essential oil?

Yes, some people are allergic to lavender so test the oil on a small area of skin.

It is best to avoid essential oil use while pregnant or nursing.

Some research suggests that lavender oil could possibly be unsafe for young boys who have not yet reached puberty because it could disrupt their hormones.

Do not take essential oils internally.


Can I put lavender essential oil directly on my skin?

No, lavender oil should be diluted with a carrier oil such as olive oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil, sweet almond oil or water (lavender mist). Essential oil dilution is important to avoid skin reactions and systemic toxicity. To dilute use 2 drops of oil per 1 teaspoon carrier oil (2 percent dilution). For children under 6 years old use 1 drop per 4 teaspoons carrier oil (.25 percent dilution).


Can I cook and bake with lavender?

Yes, fresh or dried lavender is an amazing addition to your culinary arsenal. Be sure to use lavender that is pesticide-free. English lavenders like Munstead and Hidcote are the sweetest varieties for culinary use. Lavender has a sweet, floral flavor with a hint of citrus. Use lavender lightly because a little bit goes a long way and too much will leave your dish tasting bitter.

Learn more about cooking with lavender here.


How long does it take fresh lavender to dry?

About 3 weeks. We put an elastic around about 50 stems and hang upside down in a dry dark space.


Wedding Bouquets – How long can I keep fresh cut lavender in water prior to use in a wedding?

About one week. Cut lavender a week before the wedding, place in water in a cool, dark space (sun could fade the lavender) and it will stay fresh until you need to make bouquets, boutonnieres and use as decorative pieces.


Bridal Bouquet – How many stems of lavender do I need?

Approximately 200 stems.


Can I grow lavender?

Yes, the English Lavenders (like Hidcote and Munstead) do well for us and we are in Maine. They are hardy and zoned for our area. Lavender likes full sun and dry, gravely soil….they do not like their roots wet. With the right conditions lavender is easy to grow…learn more details here.


Does lavender have health benefits?

Yes….Historically, lavender has been used for healing, relaxation and as an antiseptic. It has been used for centuries to scent baths, hair and clothes, and for its medicinal properties. The University of Maryland Medical Center says, “Research has confirmed that lavender produces slight calming, soothing, and sedative effects when its scent is inhaled. Lavender essential oil may be beneficial in a variety of conditions, including insomnia, alopecia (hair loss), anxiety, stress, and postoperative pain.” Learn more about health and wellness with lavender here.


How long will dried lavender last and retain its color? What about fragrance?

For years unless it is in the sun. If placed in the sunshine the purple hue will fade. Dried lavender has a slight fragrance as the scent is locked in the bud. If you were to squeeze the buds you would enjoy a strong lavender fragrance but if you have a dried arrangement you don’t want to be squishing the buds!  We drop lavender essential oil on our arrangements and the whole room smells amazing…and it’s natural!!


Does lavender repel insects and moths?

Yes, and how wonderful this news is…..no more horrible moth balls or chemicals! Moths hate the smell of lavender and many people use lavender mist as an insect repellent.


Will lavender promote a better nights sleep?

We have had so many people tell us that lavender does help them sleep better! They either place a sachet under their pillow or spray their pillow with lavender mist. Lavender has very calming qualities…use a warmed lavender flax seed eye mask to relax you at the end of the day!


How can I deodorize my house with lavender?

My favorite way to make everything smell better is with lavender mist! The soft elegant fragrance of lavender is amazing sprayed in the air, on furniture, rugs (use as a carpet cleaner) and linens. I give instructions on how to make lavender mist here.

Does lavender help ease the pain of arthritis?

Research has shown that smelling soothing scents like lavender increases the feel-good hormone dopamine in the brain and will actually decrease pain. Here is more info on arthritis. Warming a lavender flax seed pillow is one of my favorite ways to get relief from arthritis pain. The heat from the pillow and the soothing fragrance are so comforting and therapeutic. The pillow can also be frozen and used as a soft, flexible ice pack.

Will lavender help me relax while practicing yoga?

Yes, lavender has a calming effect, the soothing fragrance of lavender will help you surrender tension and stress. During Savasana place your head on a lavender flax seed yoga pillow and our lavender flax seed eye mask on your eyes and experience a wonderful calm.