Lavender Uses

Lavender Use #4 – Bug & Moth Repellent

March 9, 2016

IMG_1769I was so excited when I learned that moths hate lavender!! I have packed our wool coats in horrible smelling moth balls for years….but now I use lovely lavender!

I make sachets and fill them with lavender and place them in a container with our wool…..ahhhh….the IMG_4076wonderfully sweet fragrance of lavender now greets me when I open the container in the fall!!

If you keep your wool in a closet or drawers you can place sachets in and around your clothes or in the pockets.

Simply squeeze the sachets once in awhile to activate and refresh the scent.

Bug Spray…..have you heard?? Use a lavender mist or add lavender essential oil to a carrier oil (see how here) to keep away pesky bugs!!

IMG_3310I love the idea of a natural bug repellent that smells awesome…now that’s an amazing use for lavender!!

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