Lavender Uses

Lavender Use #5 – Decorating

March 9, 2016

IMG_0967 (2)I ADORE DRIED FLOWERS!!! I have always loved decorating with dried flowers and lavender is one of my favorites! My husband Doug likes to tease me about my “dead weeds” all over the house because I collect dried flowers wherever we go! Do you have a large vase that you can fill with dried or fresh lavender and place on a table to create a touch of elegance? In the summer, I add fresh lavender to a vase of assorted flowers and it makes all of the colors look rich!IMG_0491

There are so many ways you can use lavender to add beauty, fragrance and an elegant touch to your decor! Be creative and have fun!

Drop lavender essential oil on dried lavender to add the gorgeous fragrance that is missing once the lavender is dried.IMG_3790

IMG_0248Lavender is even beautiful as it hangs to dry!IMG_7916

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