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Drying Lavender

January 10, 2017

Whether you want to decorate with lavender, use it in cooking, crafts or body products drying is an easy way to preserve this beautiful herb/flower.

We bundle about 50 stems of fresh lavender with an elastic band and hang upside down in a dry dark space. The elastic band allows for shrinkage as the lavender dries. It takes about 3 weeks to dry. If you are taking the buds off the stems we suggest waiting longer as the buds will fall off the stems more easily the drier they are.

To remove the buds from the stems we take a bundle (50 stems) and rub it between our gloved hands and the buds easily drop off. For culinary use we sift the lavender buds through a screen to separate the buds from the small pieces of stems and leaves. Learn more about cooking with lavender here.

To decorate with dried lavender remove the elastic bands from a few bundles, pull apart stems, place in vase and enjoy the gorgeous bouquet!