Lavender Use #10 – Yoga

If you love yoga we have the perfect companion for you! Do you have a hard time relaxing sufficiently enough to reap the benefits of Savasana? Savasana which is the pose at the end of yoga practice is said to be the hardest yoga pose because our minds can be distracted by so many things making it difficult to fully relax. Research has shown that smelling soothing scents like lavender increases the feel-good hormone dopamine in the brain causing you…

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Arthritis Relief

Arthritis is inflammation and stiffness in joints which causes aches and pains. Osteoarthritis runs in my (Peggy) family and I have it in my back and hips. Here are a few tips on how to live with arthritis… Pain Management – research the many options available for pain medications, a great resource is www.arthritis.org. Educate yourself then discuss the options with your doctor. Learn body mechanics and avoid doing the things that cause you pain. Years ago I went to…

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