Dried Lavender Bouquet


Dried lavender bouquet

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I can’t think of too many things more beautiful than a bouquet of lavender flowers with their deep purple hues and lovely fragrance!

This bouquet is stunning in a vase, tea cup, mason jar, pitcher, antique bottle or pottery….or just lay it on your table and admire its beauty!

We like to drop lavender essential oil on our dried lavender bouquets to make the whole room delightfully fragrant (it only takes a drop or two)!

Our natural English Lavender is grown here on our farm in Newport, Maine, the deep purple is the Hidcote variety.

Each bouquet of dried lavender looks different so they may not match the photos. 

These lavender stems measure about 8 to 10 inches and there are approx. 50-60 stems in each bouquet.

One bouquet = $10

Please let us know if they are not to your satisfaction when they arrive.