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Lavender is absolutely delicious and adds a sophisticated touch to food!

Our culinary lavender is grown with lots of care on our farm in Newport, Maine.

We grow all of our lavender without the use of chemicals – fertilizers or pesticides. It’s harvested by hand when the buds are just right and then hung to dry. After drying we strip the lavender flower buds, double sift and package them in decorative, reusable tins.

Use the buds chopped finely, to flavor muffins, scones, cookies, brownies, and add to salad dressings and meat rubs, or use in teas. We have recipes online.

This tin holds 1/4 cup lavender buds and makes a perfect gift!

We love making lavender sugar with the buds and using in place of sugar in any recipe. Instructions for our lavender sugar is here. And this Chocolate Cookie recipe is one of my favorite lavender treats!


Note – Some people are allergic to lavender. Check first before using this product.

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