Exercise Lavender Uses Yoga

Lavender Use #10 – Yoga

April 1, 2017

If you love yoga we have the perfect companion for you!

Do you have a hard time relaxing sufficiently enough to reap the benefits of Savasana?

Savasana which is the pose at the end of yoga practice is said to be the hardest yoga pose because our minds can be distracted by so many things making it difficult to fully relax.

Research has shown that smelling soothing scents like lavender increases the feel-good hormone dopamine in the brain causing you to feel more positive.

Let our lavender flax seed pillows help you surrender tension, stress and distractions with their soothing fragrance and soft flexible flax seed filling.

All of our lavender flax seed pillows come with a soft cotton removable cover than can be machine washed and dried!

Lay your head on our 10″x 12″ lavender flax seed yoga pillow and place the lavender flax seed eye mask across your eyes and experience the calming, therapeutic effects of lavender as you make space for peace and harmony to fill your soul.


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